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Financial Aid for Helicopter School

Becoming a helicopter pilot offers more than just long term financial rewards. Licensed commercial pilots who seek Financial Aid get to see the world, while working in an exciting and challenging field. Students who are pursuing a career in aviation do so to satisfy long standing dreams of taking to the skies. It is not a career that people simply fall into, and students attending flight school have gotten there through a dogged determination to realize their professional ambitions.

Like any highly trained professional, pilots require extensive education and training. Becoming a licensed pilot is expensive, and many students considering flight school will need some form of Financial Aid to complete their studies. At first glance, there may seem to be few financial options available for prospective pilots. But a closer examination reveals that there are more Financial Aid and financing opportunities for flight school students than you may think.

Top 5 Reasons from the Huff Post as to Why You Should Apply for Financial Aid When Going To Helicopter Flight School.

1. Don’t assume anything: Some parents assume they don’t qualify for financial aid and don’t even bother completing the FAFSA. This could be a big mistake, because eligibility is not based solely on income. You won’t know what you’re eligible for until you get the facts.

2. You will probably pay more for loans elsewhere: Even if the actual amount of grants and scholarships received is minimal, you aren’t eligible for federal loans without completing the FAFSA. In spite of the recent political drama, the rates on federal student loans are usually still the best around.

3. You might miss out on other aid: Many states and schools rely on the FAFSA for their awards. Although you might not be eligible for assistance on a federal level, you don’t want to miss other opportunities.

4. Your situation has changed: You may have been rejected before, but it is always a good idea to submit a new application, especially if your situation has changed. If you have divorced, had a change in income, or have another child in college, you might qualify for aid now.

5. It’s not as bad as you think: The federal government has many great online resources that can help explain and walk you through the entire process. The reason you might be hearing so many complaints is because people waited too long. If your child is going to college for the first time next year, try to start the process as early in January as possible.

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